I try to understand how the sciences are organised, how the organisation of the sciences affects scientists’ work, how policy affects the organisation of sciences, and how such processes structure scientific knowledge. Most of my research has been on studying these relations in environmental science and policy, including citizen sciences. More recently, I got interested in research integrity, coordinating the EU Printeger project.

My field of research is called Science and Technology Studies (‘STS’) and the Dutch branch is organised in the research school of Science, Technology, and Modern Culture. My academic base is the Institute for Science in Society at Radboud University Nijmegen, in The Netherlands, where I am a senior lecturer teaching science and society courses, mostly to natural scientists.

I get upset about the rule of productivism at universities and its obsession with quantity, efficiency, and macho managerialism. So I joined the reform movement for Dutch Universities (H.NU) and co-wrote this call to action, the Academic Manifesto, and discovered that many more people all over the world are very unhappy about what is happening to our dear universities.