Research integrity and power


New publication:

Horbach SPJM, Breit E, Halffman W, Mamelund S-E: On the Willingness to Report and the Consequences of Reporting Research Misconduct: The Role of Power Relations. Science and Engineering Ethics 2020.

Empirical investigation of how researchers claim their reporting of misconduct cases was affect by power relations, based on the survey conducted by the PRINTEGER project. Produced in cooperation with our Norwegian partners.

Paper out: how innovations in peer review remain niche.

Scholarly journal review procedures are full of innovation, yet also relatively conservative: with the exception of plagiarism scanners, fiercely advocated experiments in peer review remain limited to niches in the scientific publication system.

Our paper in Minerva:

Horbach, S. P. J. M., & Halffman, W. (2019). Journal Peer Review and Editorial Evaluation: Cautious Innovator or Sleepy Giant? Minerva. doi: 10.1007/s11024-019-09388-z