The international responses to the Academic Manifesto, with experiences from 14 countries about how to resist the productivist university, was translated into Spanish. It’s really exciting to see how stories about resistance are shared all over the world, and not just the globalised management-speak of The Wolf.

Halffman, W., & Radder, H. (eds.) (2017), International Responses to the Academic Manifesto: Reports from 14 Countries, Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective, p. 1-77.(online 13 July 2017). http://wp.me/p1Bfg0-3FV,
Translated into Spanishby Eva Aladro Vico, Respuestas internacionales al manifiesto académico: informes desde 14 países, to appear in: CIC Cuadernos de Información y Comunicación, 2018 vol. 23, 25-103. http://revistas.ucm.es/index.php/CIYC/article/view/60686

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