The productivist university goes global


After the world-wide response to the Academic Manifesto, we asked people to explain what was going on in their country.

This is the result of what they sent us:

Halffman, Willem and Hans Radder (eds.) “International Responses to the Academic Manifesto: Reports from 14 Countries.”Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective Special Report (2017): 1-77.
The report provides an overview of the attempts to implement the productivist university, but also of some successful strategies to resist it, from Quebec to Australia, from Finland to Brazil.
Includes: Willem Halffman and Hans Radder, “The Productivist University Goes Global (and So Does Its Resistance)” and an update on the Netherlands.
The overview was discussed in a Science Guide article.

Paper on biodiversity citizen scientists’ motivation published


What drives biodiversity citizen scientists? Results of a survey among more than 2000 (!) Dutch field biology enthusiasts show that protecting and learning about nature is a prevailing motivation, much more than fun get togethers. If you were planning to work with citizen scientists, you’d better understand that they are serious about it.

Ganzevoort, W., Van den Born, R., Halffman, W., & Turnhout, S. (2017). Sharing biodiversity data: citizen scientists’ concerns and motivations. Biodiversity and Conservation. doi:10.1007/s10531-017-1391-z (Open Access).